Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I've been getting behind on the laundry again. Actually, I don't know if I've ever caught up with it. I have a plan though! I've had a laundry schedule all written out for months, and now I'm finally going to follow it! (You'll believe it when you see it, I know). This schedule has at least one type of load everyday. It's going to work, I know it will! (If I follow it):

Monday: O's clothes
Tuesday: Whites and Lights
Wednesday: Darks (blues, greens, blacks, dark grays)
Thursday: Reds & Browns / Jeans
Friday: Delicates / Sweaters & other handknits / Stained items (if needed)
Saturday: Bedding
Sunday: Bath towels / Kitchen towels
Every other night: Diapers & wraps
As needed (ie: daily): Baby clothes / bedding / burpcloths

I know that some people save time by not bothering to sort out colors. I never used to either, but then I had some supposedly color-safe items bleed a few times and I got paranoid. So now I not only separate darks from lights, but red-tones from blue-tones. Black can go in either load if one or the other is too large or small. I have a three-bag laundry sorter in our bedroom closet, and we just sort our clothes as we change out of them at the end of the day -- well, we do when I've remembered to return the sorter bags back to the closet after hauling the laundry downstairs in them. (oops!)

I don't separate my kids' clothes into darks and lights unless something looks suspicious. I've never had a problem (hope I didn't jinx it), and separating would create too many small loads to be worth it. I suppose I could add them to the adult loads, but that would be time consuming, and time for that kind of thing I do not have.

Now, it's one thing to throw clothes in a machine and turn it on, and it's quite another to actually get everything folded and put away each day; and let's face it, with other chores to do, pb&j sandwiches to make, babies to nurse, and butts to wipe (tmi, but true!), this does not always happen right away. I do my best. At least the clothes are clean! And we all know right where to find them - the laundry basket!

How do you manage your laundry? For those of you who actually stay caught up for more than a week at a time, how do you do it? What steps do you bother with, and what do you skip? I'd love to hear from you!