Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I've been getting behind on the laundry again. Actually, I don't know if I've ever caught up with it. I have a plan though! I've had a laundry schedule all written out for months, and now I'm finally going to follow it! (You'll believe it when you see it, I know). This schedule has at least one type of load everyday. It's going to work, I know it will! (If I follow it):

Monday: O's clothes
Tuesday: Whites and Lights
Wednesday: Darks (blues, greens, blacks, dark grays)
Thursday: Reds & Browns / Jeans
Friday: Delicates / Sweaters & other handknits / Stained items (if needed)
Saturday: Bedding
Sunday: Bath towels / Kitchen towels
Every other night: Diapers & wraps
As needed (ie: daily): Baby clothes / bedding / burpcloths

I know that some people save time by not bothering to sort out colors. I never used to either, but then I had some supposedly color-safe items bleed a few times and I got paranoid. So now I not only separate darks from lights, but red-tones from blue-tones. Black can go in either load if one or the other is too large or small. I have a three-bag laundry sorter in our bedroom closet, and we just sort our clothes as we change out of them at the end of the day -- well, we do when I've remembered to return the sorter bags back to the closet after hauling the laundry downstairs in them. (oops!)

I don't separate my kids' clothes into darks and lights unless something looks suspicious. I've never had a problem (hope I didn't jinx it), and separating would create too many small loads to be worth it. I suppose I could add them to the adult loads, but that would be time consuming, and time for that kind of thing I do not have.

Now, it's one thing to throw clothes in a machine and turn it on, and it's quite another to actually get everything folded and put away each day; and let's face it, with other chores to do, pb&j sandwiches to make, babies to nurse, and butts to wipe (tmi, but true!), this does not always happen right away. I do my best. At least the clothes are clean! And we all know right where to find them - the laundry basket!

How do you manage your laundry? For those of you who actually stay caught up for more than a week at a time, how do you do it? What steps do you bother with, and what do you skip? I'd love to hear from you!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Still Around

Just dropping in with a quick note to say I'm still here. Things have been crazy around here lately. Baby D was born November 5, 2010, a healthy 9 pounds and 20.5 inches and has been keeping me very busy ever since! :) Today at his two month appointment he weighed in at 14 lbs, 10 oz! So, as you can probable surmise, he eats a LOT and often. Things are just now finally starting to slow down and we've begun to develop a bit of a routine. You will hopefully be seeing a lot more of me around here.

I've been thinking about the blog lately, and how I would really like to write in it more. I think it is going to change a bit though. Instead of focusing so much on just my crafts and cooking (though you will still see quite a bit of them, don't worry. They're too much a part of who I am), it will be more about life in general at home with two small children. Entries will be shorter, and perhaps there won't be so many pictures. Pictures have been my hang-up. I will delay posting about something because I don't have time to get the right picture for it. Then so much time will pass that I will be on to other things and the post will remain unwritten. That's just ridiculous, and I'm not going to do it anymore. From now on, I will write when I want to, pictures or no.

Excuse me if this is coming out all rambly. Blame the sleep deprivation.