Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lots of Changes

It has been awhile again since I last blogged, and a lot of changes have been going on around here. My older son is now out of diapers and in his first year of preschool (which will give me some time, perhaps, to keep up on this blog a little better), and my younger son has only nine more weeks of baking left before we get to welcome him into the world, just in time for the holidays.

The knitting and sewing (knitting more than sewing) have been stepped up a couple of paces, since that's pretty much all I have the energy to do these days. A load of laundry, maybe a load of dishes (though DH has been doing those for me more and more the last few weeks), and driving back and forth to preschool, and I'm pretty much spent for the day.

So lots of crafty projects have been happening around here. After finishing a few baby gifts for friends, I got started on the knitting that I want to do for my own up-and-coming little one. He now has a pointy gnomey hat, with no-scratch mitts and pointy-toed socks to match. The socks and mitts are patterns that I made up on the fly, so I plan to eventually get their patterns up here to share if anyone is interested.

On top of that, I'm almost finished with a hooded baby jacket (Snug, by Hinke - if you're not a Ravelry member, I apologize, but I can't find an external link for the pattern. I'll have a picture of mine up here when I finish it). I've started a hooded jacket for my older son as well, using the Steggie pattern by Julia Farwell-Clay as a base (without the dinosaur spikes), but the look of this sweater as my end goal. The pattern for it is in Finnish, and as I don't speak Finnish, I have to experiment. Cross your fingers that it works out!

I've also been promising DH some handknit gloves for 2 years, so I'm finally going to get cracking on those. It is seriously hard to find men's glove patterns that aren't boring stockinette, but also aren't so intricate as to insult his manhood. We have finally agreed on a simple cable pattern - two columns of plain twists up the back of the hand. Again, I'm going to end up modifying or combining patterns to make them.

Of course, I want to make something for myself too, and I'm eyeing this shrug that I think I might already have the yarn for (Ravelry-only link again. Sorry.) , as well as a cardigan I saw in Knit Simple magazine. It's the dark gray asymmetrical cardigan 3 pictures down on the very left. I'm thinking easy access to breast feeding with this one. ;)

That's a long list of knitting for me. Do you think I can get it all done? We shall see!