Sunday, May 9, 2010

Let the Gardening Begin!

First of all, Happy Mother's Day to all of you wonderful Mommies out there! I hope you had a nice day off, or a day to get some stuff done if that's what you prefer. That is actually what I have been enjoying this weekend. I'm finally feeling better these last two days after a slightly sicky first trimester. The second trimester started yesterday, and like magic, the morning sickness seems to have turned itself off! (I hope I haven't jinxed it!)

So, it was nice to actually be up and active and productive this weekend, since it seems like I've spent most of the last couple of months on the couch. Relaxing was the last thing I wanted to do this Mother's Day.

Also, this has been the first nice weekend in quite a while, so naturally, gardening was the "chore" of choice. I put "chore" in quotes, because, is it really a chore if you enjoy doing it?

Yesterday, I transplanted my tomatoes into their permanent pots. DH, of course, had to pour all of the dirt into the pots for me since the bags are a bit heavy for a pregnant gal with an easily messed up back. But I did the actual transplanting of the tomatoes. I also sowed basil seeds in a circle around each plant.

We also found some packs of tulip bulbs that we bought last fall and then never had the chance to plant. We had completely forgotten about them, and they all had green shoots. There were a couple of ugly shrubs in the front that we've been wanting to get rid of, so DH dug those out, and I planted the very overdue bulbs in their place.

Today, we made the trek out to Flower World in Maltby. If you're in the area, and you've never been to Flower World, Go There! They are HUGE, and they grow all of their own plants. We went there specifically for a hanging Fuschia for the front(Flower World has tons, and I have never seen them as healthy as they are there).

I wanted it to replace the Jasmine that I hung there last year and subsequently killed. Fuschias are expensive, so I absolutely must keep this one alive. Because of this, I asked at the information desk if I should repot it, or leave it in the plastic pot that it's in (I repotted the Jasmine, and I think it drained too much, and that's what killed it). I was told that, no, I should definitely not repot it. Oddly, the kind lady at the info desk seemed to have some kind of freaky intuition, because she then felt the need to tell us that we also should definitely not place it in a location with strong afternoon sun. It's a good thing that she thought to tell us that, because, funnily enough, that is exactly where we were planning on putting it.

We were then told that for such a location, we would do much better with an Ivy Geranium. Awesome! So we got an Ivy Geranium. But guess what? I've always coveted those beautiful dark pink and purple Fuschias, so we still got one. The Geranium was placed in the front...

...and we bought another hanging bracket and hung the Fuschia in the back where it is much shadier...

...which is even better, because now I can look out my back window and see it whenever I want!

After Flower World, we had a nice lunch (well, except for the fact that the youngin' was over tired and done with sitting down) at a nearby Irish Pub, which was oddly empty for Mother's Day. Of course, most people go to brunchy places for such an occassion, so that could be why.

Then we came home, and did some more work in the garden. The Munchkin helped me plant Arugula and Mesclune in some rectangular planters - his first foray into gardening. He was a little overzealous with the seeds, but that's OK. They will be easy to thin out.

I still have butternut squash, spinach, baby carrots, and brussels sprouts to plant, but those are going to have to wait. All in all though, it has been a productive weekend, and I couldn't have asked for a better Mother's Day.

(Oh yes, and DH would probably like it if I mentioned that he made me some very delicious sourdough waffles for breakfast this morning, after getting up with the munchkin and letting me sleep in. Oh, and he did the dishes too. And he did the kiddo's bath and bedtime even though it was my turn. He says I must put in here somewhere how awesome he is. Yes, Honey, you are awesome. ;) No really, you are!)

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