Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Morning's Worth of Random Thoughts

1) I have found that I do not like the magic loop knitting method. I really don't like it. Really really.

2) Folding clothes with a "helpful" toddler should be an Olympic sport

3) I think it's official. Spring is here in the Pacific Northwest, very early. I've been waiting for the frost to come back, and it hasn't, and now we're past halfway through February and I think it definitely won't now. My allergies think so to. But you know what? I can take the allergies if it means nice weather and flowers and blossoming trees. Yes, that's right. I saw two pink trees yesterday. Should I plant some lettuce and arugula seeds for an early harvest do you think? Or would that jinx it?

4) My 2.5 year old announced today that he loves socks. That's my boy.

5) I have 2 eggs left in a carton with tomorrow's date on it, and 2 bananas that are turning brown. I think I'll make my healthy banana bread recipe. But that only calls for one egg. What to do with the other one? Boil it, I guess.

6) I might see if the young man will take a nap today. He's acting like he needs it. He needed one yesterday and the day before too. Sounds like a good thing, but it's not, because then he's up too late at bedtime. But if he is practically falling asleep at lunch, what else can I do? Maybe he's growing.

7) Through careful observation, I have come to the conclusion that small toys breed like rabbits. I am certain of this, because although we do not buy toys very often, they seem to take over more and more of the living room floor each day at a steady, rapid rate.

8) Also, small toys are not allowed to stay on a shelf or in a container for more than 2.67 seconds before they must be dumped and scattered around again. I'm not sure what the reason is behind this, but as a salute to Terry Pratchett, it probably has something to do with "quantum."

9) I stayed up way too late last night watching Olympic snow boarding and figure skating. Might need to make another pot of coffee...

10) Owen is thrashing around in his room instead of going to sleep. Maybe no nap today after all. And that's okay, though it does make for a long afternoon.

So that's my morning. How was yours?

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