Monday, January 25, 2010


I didn't intend to abandon the blog for 3 months, really I didn't. You see, I've been working on a novel. Any time that I've been writing, I've been writing on that, not this. It's going well. I have a good six chapters. At least, I think that's good. It's good for me, anyway.

However, I'm going through a little slump - thus the fact that I'm now writing on the blog instead of working on the book. That, and my darling son has been dropping his naps. Nap time is when I find I am the most creative and have the easiest time writing. No nap = no writing. I try to write in the evenings sometimes after the kiddo has gone to bed, but my brain is too tired by that time to come up with more than maybe a short paragraph or two, and even that is a struggle. So, I'm taking a little break. Sometimes it's just better not to force it.

But I have to keep writing. So, here I am, back again in blog world. And it's great, because I don't have to concentrate as much on this. I have my laptop up on the kitchen island, out of my son's reach, and when he's well occupied playing by himself, I can dash out a sentence or two, or upload some pictures, and then leave in the middle of it to go play some more or read a Dr. Suess book or change a diaper. I can't do that with my book. I need quiet and full concentration. Maybe that will change as the young man gets a little older and/or enters preschool in the Fall.

Okay, so anyway, in the evenings, when I can't write well, I can, indeed, knit well. In that respect, I've been quite busy:

Cirque Socks using Lion Brand Sock-Ease in Rock Candy- one down, one to go. These have been on a break for a little bit.

Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's (The Yarn Harlot's) Pretty Thing using Schulana Mosco in green. I'm sorry, but as far as I know, the pattern is only available for purchase on Ravelry, although if you dig around on her website, there may be another link. I know there are pictures, at least.

Owl Hat 1 by Noreen Hunter-Talbot, using Cascade Yarns 220 Heathers in Mystic Purple 2450 - made for a friend for her birthday per her own request after seeing:

Owl Hat 2, same pattern, same yarn - made for my niece, originally intended as a Christmas present, but it's still here, ready to be mailed out today or tomorrow.

Flame Hat by Tuulia Salmela, using various yarns from my stash - made for one of my nephews

Nottingham Hat using Lion Brand Wool-Ease Solids and Heathers in Grey Heather 151 and Sage 173 - made for another nephew, brother of the previous nephew, both brothers of the recipient of Owl Hat 2. This is the third Nottingham hat that I've made. I LOVE this pattern.

I also have another project that I can't put up here yet, because it's a gift for someone who follows this blog. ;) (I'm sorry I haven't gotten it to you yet. I'm trying to get to the post office, I swear!)

Last, but not least, I am currently working on the Gathered Pullover by Interweave. I've modified it a bit, but that's another post. For now, I just wanted to provide an update and to let people know that I am, indeed, still alive.

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