Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I awoke to this beauty this morning:

(click for a larger version - it will do it better justice)

It reminded me of the Little Einstein's episode where the kids help a spider find some treasure, which turns out to be a dew-covered web, where the dew sparkles like tiny jewels. This web truly had that quality.

Speaking of jewels, I also found this little gem today:
Chez Beeper Bebe - It's a blog with all kinds of cute sewing and craft projects (and recipes, but I haven't gotten that far yet), including things you can make for little kids. I've already cut out the letter templates for the Plush Alphabet Magnets, and I've downloaded two other tutorials as well. The magnets will go in Owen's stocking this year, if I don't get impatient and give them to him early. Knowing me, that's probably what will happen.

I started my next pair of socks last night as well. I'm making the Cirque socks from Knitty.com, using Lion Brand Sock-Ease in Rock Candy. Looking forward to seeing how they turn out!

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