Thursday, October 22, 2009

Re-use Tip #1

You know those tubs of caramel corn that the Boy Scouts sell? What are you left with once you've eaten it all? A perfectly good tub, that's what. In fact, that tub just so happens to be the perfect size for 96 crayons (that's a Crayola Big Box, to you).

Yes, I do realize that crayons usually come with their own box. But a flimsy cardboard box does not last long around a two year old.

How do you re-use your left-over tubs?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I awoke to this beauty this morning:

(click for a larger version - it will do it better justice)

It reminded me of the Little Einstein's episode where the kids help a spider find some treasure, which turns out to be a dew-covered web, where the dew sparkles like tiny jewels. This web truly had that quality.

Speaking of jewels, I also found this little gem today:
Chez Beeper Bebe - It's a blog with all kinds of cute sewing and craft projects (and recipes, but I haven't gotten that far yet), including things you can make for little kids. I've already cut out the letter templates for the Plush Alphabet Magnets, and I've downloaded two other tutorials as well. The magnets will go in Owen's stocking this year, if I don't get impatient and give them to him early. Knowing me, that's probably what will happen.

I started my next pair of socks last night as well. I'm making the Cirque socks from, using Lion Brand Sock-Ease in Rock Candy. Looking forward to seeing how they turn out!

Monday, October 19, 2009


The clouds are back and so is cooler weather. When Fall comes along, it becomes my favorite season (the same could be said for Spring - I love watching nature transform). Here in the Pacific Northwest, we may not get the huge, brilliant swathes of color that you get in the Northeast, but we do get a little of it here and there. I have some bright orangey-yellow cherry trees lining the street in front of my house, and down the street and around the corner is a fantastic, almost neon, orange maple in someone's front yard. The contrast of the bright leaves against the dark, dark branches is amazing. Love it!

The cooler Fall weather, of course, also stirs up my need to knit stuff. Lots of stuff. I started off with these beautiful Embossed Leaves socks from my go-to sock book, Interweave's "Favorite Socks."

I've been eyeing this pattern ever since I received the book for Christmas one year, but have never really had the right yarn for it. A little over a month ago I picked up some Sockotta Yarn from the Plymouth Yarn Co. It's a cotton-wool blend - something I had not knit with yet - and I thought it would be perfect for Fall or Spring, when the weather is cool enough for hand-knit socks, but still maybe a little too warm for pure wool. After bringing it home and flipping through my sock book, I realized that it would be the perfect yarn for that pattern. The cotton creates great stitch definition, and the wool brings some softness and a little give to the party. All in all, it makes for some very pretty, and very comfy socks.

The only problem is that, even after doing a gauge swatch, the socks came out a little loose. I was worried they would be too snug (but that didn't stop me from knitting them anyway) because the pattern was written for feet that are about a half an inch smaller than mine, both around and long. But it seems that I knit lace a little looser than I knit stockinette. Oops! They are only a little loose though, and perfectly wearable. I'm thinking that after washing they may tighten up a bit. I hope so!