Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!

Now that the kitchen is painted, Jon and I have started thinking about the living/dining room. I didn't think I'd be ready to paint again so soon, but with the dark, gray, gloomy days of Fall and Winter fast approaching, I'm going to be needing some color around here - as much color as I can get!

Fortunately, Jon and I are on the same page about doing some warm colors in the (what will be) more formal living room and dining room, after having done cool colors in the kitchen and family room.

Now we just need to decide between:

Orange? Never thought I'd want to paint the walls orange, but my tastes have become much bolder as of late (and so have Jon's - so proud of him). I'm actually really excited about the idea! The only question is, is the fact that it's so close to the color of the moldings going to be a problem?

Yellowish-Tan? Classic, neutral. Boring? Not if we brighten the room up with colorful curtains and furniture. Hmmmm. Maybe save this for the transition area between the cool-toned family room and the warm-toned living room?

Red? Another classic dining room color, but maybe kind of dark? Maybe too classic? Very pretty though.

Bricks/terracotta/stone? We did that in the dining room in our old house. It was nice though, and we really liked it. But do we want to do it again?

Aaaaargh! This is going to take a lot of thought! Feel free to post a comment and tell me what you think.

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  1. I dig the orange. Save tan for the transitional walls.