Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Actually, I shouldn't say that - rain is good for the garden. Well, some rain is, anyway. We sure have been getting a lot of it the last few days. I've had to take my herb pots out of their saucers so they don't sit in too much water and drown.

Since it has been so gloomy and gray around here, I thought I might cheer myself up and post some pictures of how the garden is progressing. I actually took these pictures about a week and a half ago, intending to post them here, but I got busy working on title graphics and colors and never got around to it (I'm still working on all that stuff, just not very quickly).

This first pic is of Jon digging out a vegetable bed with, yes, a miner's pick.

The builders did not leave us with much in the way of top soil - everything is hard clay and rock - so this is what it took. Ultimately, this will end up being a semi-raised, semi-sunken bed, due to the fact that it's on a slope. This spot gets the most hours of sun though, so we're going with it. The second bed is yet to be dug-out. I'm kind of wondering if we will be able to get to it in time for spring plantings this year. I've already started the pumpkins indoors, so those have priority if we only get one vegetable bed ready. Does anyone know if carrots and beets can be grown in deep pots?

That's what I have decided to do with my Arugula this year:

This is the first batch that I blogged about a while ago. The second batch is in the hardening off stage, and will probably be ready for planting in a second tub in a week or two. I'm a little concerned - the first batch is not growing as fast as I expected it to. Maybe I just have high expectations. I really have no idea what I'm doing. Each cluster sprouted from 2 or 3 seeds. Am I supposed to thin them down to one? (See, I'm a total newb).

Here are my pumpkin sprouts:

I'm a little concerned about the pots that they are in. For a few days, I had to keep the door to the sewing room (where they are currently residing) closed because one of the cats finally figured out that it could jump the baby gates at the top and bottom of the stairs (the other two have yet to realize their ability to do this). The peat pots developed a bit of white powder on the exposed surfaces that Jon and I suspect is mildew, probably because the room was not getting enough air circulation. However, now that I have solved the gate problem (big foam tube and cable ties to extend the height - eh, you use what you have), I have been able to leave the door open again and it appears that the mildew is disappearing, which is now leading me to question whether it was mildew at all, or just some strange property of peat pots.

Wow, I'm long winded today. Okay, so to wrap up, we also bought some things at Flower World, and planted them in the front.


A type of flowering Spirea that I suddenly forgot the name of:

Purple Pasque Flower:

and Bleeding Heart (my favorite):

We staked them because they were a bit droopy after transplanting and looked like they needed a little help. Whether it was really necessary, I don't know. But it can't hurt.

These are what remained of my tulips a couple of weeks ago. They have since opened up and are just gorgeous:

I say "remained" because the larger blooms opened earlier, and I picked them to enjoy inside (same tulips - one large and several small sprout from each bulb):

I'll have to get back to you on what variety they are.

Oh, and I can't forget the crazy two-headed tulip:

So, if that isn't cheerful on a dull dreary day, I don't know what is!


  1. Hello housewifey. Thanks for the comment. I have to tell you straight away, I'm very envious of your tulips. They're so pretty! By the look of your back yard, you'll need to build up the soil at lot before you plant, or are you importing soil, or planting into a raised no dig bed?

    I'm pleased your bread turned out as you had hoped. It's fine to add a link on your blog about it. Happy gardening!

  2. RhondaJean - Thank you so much for dropping by and commenting! We are planning on sifting out the rocks from the soil that we dug out of the bed, and then mixing in lots of peat and compost. I'm hoping that will do the trick, but we'll see. We may have to import some better soil as well.