Thursday, March 12, 2009

Winter or Spring?

Saturday morning, by all appearances, Spring had arrived. It was sunny, green things were starting to poke out of the dirt, and the thin, bare tree branches were growing little bumps on them that will surely soon be pink or white blossoms.

Sunday morning, there was this:

My poor little flowers, some of the first bulbs I have ever planted, are not having a very good time this week. Saturday evening through all of Monday, the Pacific Northwest experienced scattered snow showers. Monday was actually the worst at my house. It was fine most of the morning, which was nice because everyone was able to make it over to my house for Pasta Party II: Spinach Fettucine. Except for my mom, who was able to come to both, this party was for those who were unable to make it to the last one. I think everyone had a great time. I did, although Owen was making me a little hectic there when he was taking forever to go down for a nap. We did learn that spinach pasta dough requires a lot more finess than whole wheat pasta dough. It was very persnickety. We eventually figured it out though, and I think it turned out pretty well for a first try.

Soon after we finished eating, the snow picked up and everyone hightailed it out of here. They all left just in time, because it wasn't long before my street had about an inch on it. Three days later, it has finally melted everywhere except for the areas that don't get any sun. It has been below freezing at night and in the early morning, and then warming up to the mid 40's to upper 50's by the afternoon. Crazy.

It looks like my little guy is waking up from his nap, but before I go, here is how the patchwork ball has been coming along:

It would probably only take a day or two by machine, but I'm hand sewing it because, well, I'm crazy, I guess. Actually, I find hand piecing relaxing, and I have an easier time getting the pieces lined up accurately that way.

Okay, he's up! Gotta go!

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