Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cables and Sprouts

I am happy to say that I've finished the instep cable pattern (as well as the heel) on the first of the pair of Absinthe socks. I messed up on one row -- I twisted my cables the wrong way and didn't notice for about 20 rows -- but you can't tell unless you're looking for it, so I decided to bite back my perfectionist tendencies and leave it alone.

I love how the heel was done. It is a toe-up sock (my first toe-up sock, fyi), and I thought you could only do short-row heels with those. But this one actually incorporates a short-row/heel flap combination. I think it's the easiest and nicest looking heel I've ever done. For that matter, the toe has also got to be the nicest looking toe I've ever done - but not the easiest. The pain may be worth the gain with those, though, and they will probably get easier with practice.

Also, before I go, I have to show off my Arugula sprouts. Aren't they the cutest wittle teeny weeny t'ings? I could just eat them all up! And I will too - some day soon. Muwahahahaha!

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