Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lots of tidbits

I have too many things that I want to touch on to go into too much detail about any of them. So, I'll do my best.

This weekend I went to my friend Erin's baby shower at a very nice local tea house/restaurant. I had a really great time. There was tea of course, as well as some tasty and dainty dishes that were delivered in three courses.

The mom-to-be received many cute things. I gave her a 3 peice coordinated set that consisted of a bib, onesie, and footie-jammies, as well as a baby sweater that I have been working on for her ever since I found out she was pregnant.

The pattern is Presto Chango, by Valeri Wallis. I forgot to get a picture of it laid out nicely before wrapping it, but I think a pic of it just above a pregnant belly is cuter anyway.

I also went to the much anticipated wine party hosted by one of my mom friends, Jen, and her husband Shahab. It was excellent. Everyone was instructed to bring a bottle or two, and there were over 30 people there, so there was quite a variety of wine to try. There were also lots of delicious hors d'oeuvres, made by the host and hostess themselves. And yes, I wore my sweater. I tried to get a picture of it on me that evening after we got back, but even with all of the lights on, it was just too dark to get a decent one that showed any stitch definition. The flash just washed everything out, so that didn't work either. I did laundry today, so the shirt that I need to wear under it is clean, meaning that I can try and get a better picture tomorrow in the daylight.

Sunday, the same Jen that hosted the wine party, held our first book club meeting. Such a brave, brave woman to have people over again the afternoon after hosting a huge, late-night party. AND, everything was cleaned up. I must say, I was very impressed. My house is usually a disaster for days after something like that. The meeting was fun. I got to know a few new people, and I even found a fellow fan of Ghost Hunters! I love that show. I always feel a little silly admitting it, but that show is my crack. It was nice to chat excitedly with someone who feels the same way. We did talk about the book too: "The Five People You Meet in Heaven" by Mitch Albom. We all agreed it was well written, and it made you think, but it was also a bit of a downer book. For the next book we're going to try to decide on something a little more uplifting.

Other stuff:

I made banana muffins using my new silicone muffin cups:

Those things are the best. No greasing, and no muffin tin needed. You just space them out on a cookie sheet and bake away. I don't make muffins much because I always get irritated when I loose half of my muffin to the paper wrapper it was baked in. I suppose I could grease the paper wrappers, but I happen to have a prejudice against cooking spray. Don't ask me to explain. Anyway, with these, you just turn them over, give them a little shake, and the entire muffin pops right out. Next I'm going to have to do cornbread muffins. Those are some of the worst for sticking to the paper wrapper.

I must admit though, that the muffins did not turn out very tasty. The recipe, oddly, did not call for any spices, and I spaced and somehow didn't notice this. They really needed a bit of cinnamon, nutmeg and clove. Maybe a little allspice too. Owen liked them though:

Okay, that's probably good for tonight. I have more to say, but I'm expecting an early morning tomorrow because it's garbage day and the trucks come through FREAKIN' EARLY and always wake Owen up a little earlier than I would like.

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