Monday, January 12, 2009

The Weekend's Activities

OK, now that I have some time to sit down and write, I will go into some details about the little tidbits I posted last night. First of all, the flood. The Great Big Flood. We were trapped in Duvall all day Thursday and Friday. Jon had to work from home for the umpteenth time this winter, what with the flood in November (not as widespread, but still enough to trap us in Duvall) and of course the huge snow storm in December. Friday morning the waters began to recede, and it was quickly discovered that Woodinville-Duvall Road had been severly damaged.

This page on the King County website shows a picture of Woodinville-Duvall Road before the road crews got there. Not pretty. So, needless to say, it did not reopen right away. I must say, I am really impressed by the county's response. They had crews out there as soon as the damage was discovered, and it was fixed and open for use Sunday evening. Thank you, county, for actually responding in a timely manner. And a big thank you to all the workers who were out there fixing it in the cold and rain for, well, I don't know how many hours straight that they worked. They were probably still out there long after the sun went down.

Since we had no idea when the flooding started how long we would be stuck in town, we thought this might be a good weekend to do a domestic project. We have had a paint color picked for the family room for months, so we decided to go down to the hardware store and pick it up. Poor Owen had to be gated off in the front room for the weekend -- wet paint is bad enough, but curious fingers and un-plated wall sockets are obviously a bad mix. He was understandably not thrilled with this arrangement. We took him out places before and after naptimes to keep him from going stir crazy. The prepping and painting was only done while Owen was napping and after he went to bed, which would be why it took the entire weekend to paint a single wall. It was good though, because it forced us to be patient and let it dry more than we probably usually would before doing a second coat. And here is how it turned out:

It is bright and cheerful, and makes me feel happy whenever I look at it. It may be too bright for many people's tastes (I would have been afraid of it a couple years ago), but as the family room doubles as a playroom, we wanted something that was fun and playful, but also pleasing to the adults in the house. We used a Valspar paint chip, and had True Value match the color with their Benjamin Moore Eco Spec interior paint. This is some NICE paint. I have heard that eco paints, although better for the environment, leave much to be desired in most other aspects. But the Eco Spec seems to me to be indistinguishable from regular latex paint (high quality latex paint, in fact). It coated very well - we only needed two coats, which is what is recommended for most paints anyway. It has a wonderful sheen (eggshell semi-gloss is what we used), and is not dull or washed-out looking at all. The only thing that made it obvious that we were using eco-friendly paint was the fact that it barely smelled at all. This morning when I came downstairs, I didn't notice ANY smell. Of course, maybe I've just become accustomed to it. I hope this isn't starting to sound like a commercial.

The eco paint that we used in Owen's room when we first moved in was a different brand. I was not very impressed. The color was nice, but it was kind of watery; even after two coats (or did we do three? I can't remember now) there were still areas that needed more coverage. Unfortunately, we didn't have a lot of time to worry about it because we needed to move Owen into his room. So we just left it a little blotchy. A toddler isn't going to care. Maybe we'll fix it sometime, maybe we won't.

Anyway, Friday morning, to keep Owen occupied and because we were curious, we drove down to 124th to get some pictures of the flooding. You saw the main picture in yesterday's post. It's too small to make out, but that yellow sign says "Water Over Roadway." Cliche.

Here are a couple more pics:

Now, keep in mind that the water had gone down quite a bit by this time. Saturday, we discovered that the road up to Monroe (Hwy 203) was open, so we took a morning trip to Ben Franklin for bigger circular needles for my sweater. YAY! I'm moving right along on my sweater now.

And now that I've updated everyone, I'm going to go knit.

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