Saturday, January 3, 2009

Recovering from the New Year

I've fallen a little behind on my housework resolution, but I have had several social engagements this week and of course friends and family are much higher on my list of important things than keeping the house spic and span. A good friend that I have known since kindergarten is in town for the holidays, and we don't get to see eachother very often anymore, so that has been wonderful! I also got together with some other good friends that I don't see very often (I actually don't get to see most of my friends very often anymore. I'm hoping to be better about that this year, now that the kiddo is older and a little more flexible schedule-wise). It has been great fun! Yesterday I threw a little pasta-making party with my Mom and two of the afformentioned friends, using the new pasta attachments that I got for Christmas. We made the Light Wheat Pasta recipe from the handbook/manual and it was very tasty. I sort of picked a bad recipe for the alfredo sauce though, but Erin, being much better at cooking than I am, saved it. Emily and my mom chopped up veggies for a salad, and we tied it all together with some glasses of wine (except for Erin, because she's pregnant) and had a very nice lunch. Afterwards, between toddler distractions (a slightly crazed toddler who barely napped) we sat around the table and just yukked it up for hours. Then, Erin and my Mom had to go home, but Emily was able to stay long enough to have dinner out at the Grange Cafe while Jon stayed home and watched the kiddo. I can't stress how great it was to be able to get some real girl time. I really have to make it a point to do that kind of thing more often. Although Owen was slightly hyper and very overtired, in general he was pretty good. And of course, he LOVES people, and was just basking in all of the attention from everyone.

But, all of the social engagements this week have left me pretty tired, so today Jon and I are just taking it easy. I'm catching up on laundry, because that's fairly easy, and getting some relaxing knitting time in.

I just couldn't control myself any longer and started my sweater last night. For the record, I did start one of the other projects I need to do the day before, and worked on it last night while I was waiting for Owen to finally conk out for the night (he was exhausted from barely napping, but do you think he would go to sleep? Most certainly not! It took him about an hour and a half to fall asleep, and then he was up early this morning - and very cranky. Sheesh!). Once Owen had been quiet for more than 10 minutes, I figured I was safe to work on something that required some concentration. I giddily brought my supplies downstairs, plopped on the couch, and started my sweater. I have never, ever used circular needles before. I have avoided them like the plague, in fact - finding that double pointeds work just fine for me. Also, I don't need to buy several different lengths of the same size needles when I use dpns. But, I have also never knit an adult-size sweater. After much thought I decided that, as a sweater is much larger than a sock or a hat, I should probably just bite the bullet and buy the recommended circular needles. I have not yet reached the point in the pattern where I join the ends and knit in the round (the yoke is worked flat for a while due to the button-up slit in the shoulder), so I can't tell you how I'm doing with that yet, but so far I have successfully been knitting flat with just the single set of needles. So far so good! And the yarn that I'm using (see previous post) is just so soft and nice to work with. Maybe a tad splitty, but all and all very good.

Later tonight, if I have time, I will take a picture of my progress for ya. I keep meaning to figure out how to add a little sidebar that shows what projects I'm working on and my progress, but that takes time away from knitting, so I haven't gotten around to it yet.


  1. The pasta party was great fun. The little rascal was a good boy. And the lunch and wine were fabulous.

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed it! We'll have to do it again sometime. Next time, I want to try making ravioli.