Monday, January 5, 2009


The reason why I never got back on after the last post to put up a picture of the progress of my sweater, is because after about 4 inches of knitting, I frogged the darn thing. You see, even though I know better, I did not knit a qauge swatch. Why? I couldn't tell ya. I went brain dead for an evening, I guess. I sort of thought about it after a couple of rows, but by then I was already in the groove of things, so I thought I would just wait until I had knit enough rows and then measure my gauge on the sweater itself. Well guess what? I was an inch short. So last night I bit my lip and frogged it. Then, just to make sure, I knit a real gauge swatch. Sure enough, the width was still short by an inch. The height was right on though. I can't remember, but I think the width is what I really need to be worried about. I'm hoping one needle size up will do the trick, because if I need to go any more than that, my sweater will be very see-through. Just with the needles that I was already using, I noticed that it will definitely be requiring a shirt underneath. I'm not sure how I feel about that. I guess it doesn't really matter, since I tend to layer anyway.

If I'm going to get new needles, I'm going to have to get them tomorrow or else wait several days. I was going to go today, but it snowed (AGAIN) last night and was still a bit slushy on my street this morning. I don't trust my driving skills enough to want to risk that. The snow is gone now, but the valley is under a flood watch for Wednesday and Thursday so I'm likely to be isolated to my little town tomorrow. Would you believe that in a town surrounded by farmland, there is NO LOCAL YARN STORE??????? I have seen sheep nearby. Why is there no yarn? This makes no sense to me.

In other news, the munchkin has been very whiney and cranky the last several days. He is picking at his food and isn't napping well. I can't tell if it's his teeth, or growing pains, or what? I think it might be a combination of the two. I hope he gets over it soon, because he is just miserable. In fact, if he doesn't start acting normal in a few days, I might just have to call his pediatrician to make sure there isn't anything really wrong with him. This has been going on for about a week now, which is longer than his usual out-of-sortedness. And of course, when the toddler isn't happy, nobody's happy.

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