Monday, January 19, 2009

A Bad Morning, But a Good Day

This morning, I woke up in a foul mood. I was up too late yet again last night, I didn't sleep very well, and Owen was up early (again). Owen was a little whiney this morning (not too bad, but I was already in a bad mood), and that made it worse. I called Ecih and left a voicemail canceling our playdate today. Then I called Jon at work and whined and cried about being tired, and he listened and made me feel a little better.

Then I finished my coffee...and I called Ecih back and left another voicemail telling her to disregard the first voicemail because we were coming after all. So we went, and had a great time. Owen behaved himself very well, and Ethan was so happy and cute! He had fun feeding me imaginary food from his toy frying pan. Owen had fun rumaging through Ethan's toy box, and pretending to call people on Ethan's toy phone.

The time came when we had to go home. Owen had become very attached to a spatula, so Ecih kindly told him to go ahead and take it home with him and we can give it back next time.

I'm glad I decided to go ahead and go. It put me in a MUCH better mood. The coffee probably helped too (I got some more on the way). We came home, had a quick lunch, and Owen went down for a much needed nap. Despite my grim outlook in the morning, I managed to get a ton of things done this afternoon, and enjoyed doing them. I threw some laundry in, did some light weeding in the front yard (had to take advantage of the rare sun today - the sun probably helped my mood as well), caught up on the dishes, roasted and pureed some butternut squash and sweet potatoes (see yesterday's post as to why), and did some knitting. Jon came home today, saw the bag-o-weeds that were on the front porch for lack of yard-waste bin, and was amazed. "You weeded too?! But I thought you were having a bad day!"

The pureeing went pretty well. I didn't want to take the time to find all of my food processor parts today, so I tried to use my blender. That didn't work well because I had to do it in really tiny batches or else the pulp would all just sit in one place. Then I remembered the immersion blender! That worked great. It probably wouldn't do so well for courser vegetables (I have tried peas before, and it doesn't work without a ton of extra liquid), but squash and potatoes responded very nicely. I used some of the butternut squash puree to make the grilled cheese recipe in "Deceptively Delicious". It was delicious, but not so deceptive. You could totally taste the squash in there. But it was very good, and Owen ate about half a sandwich for dinner (he had a big lunch or else he probably would have had more). The texture is a little odd too, but I think it is definitely a recipe that I can fiddle with to fit my family's preferences -- and, like I said, Owen ate it; so that's all that's really important. I look forward to trying out some of the other recipes.

Now, to keep myself from being cranky again in the morning, I'm going to get off the computer and start winding down for an earlier bedtime. 'Night!

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