Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Pasta, Deer, and Bad Shoulders

Note: Picture sizes are fixed!

I hurt my shoulder. I have no idea what I did, but it was fine while I was putting The Boo down for his nap, and it was definitely not fine afterwards. It is okay as long as I keep my arm down to my side or swing it straight forwards or backwards, robot fashion. But anything else, and it hurts! Which reminds me, I was going to take some ibuprofin and put an ice pack on it. Back in a sec....

...Okay, hopefully that will help some. Besides that though, it was a very nice day! This afternoon I was entertained by a couple of deer taking a foodie-tour of my neighborhood:

Here, one of the deer spots an odd wire version of him/herself (hard to see, but it's in front of the garage)

Jon and I also pulled out the pasta-maker attachments for our mixer that my parents got us for Christmas, and tested them out. We made the Semolina Egg Pasta recipe from the booklet that came with them. I had a little trouble getting the dough consistency right, and then when I put the dough through the roller, it crumbled into lots of little pieces. Jon figured out that you really need to break out ye olde rolling pin and roll the sections of dough as thin as you can by hand before putting them through the machine. Patting them down just doesn't cut it. It worked MUCH better after that:

We were very happy that we weren't going to have to throw out a batch of dough that used an entire bag of Semolina flour (not the cheapest flour around). Once we got the hang of it, it was lots of fun. We both wanted to do it, so we took turns. Then we cut the pasta into beautiful strips of fettuccine.

I was so proud, I had to pose with the bowl:

Then we cooked it up. (Um, yes, there are lots of wine bottles in the background. No, we are not lushes. We don't have a wine rack, and it was just Christmas, so we bought some, and other people brought some,... and some of those have been open for awhile and are being used in cooking. Really. It's true.)

...and we tossed it with some olive oil and some freshly grated parmesan and ate it. It was yummy! And much more filling than it looks.

We got so wrapped up in making it, that we kind of forgot about vegetables and protein and stuff. But that's okay. It was great fun and we had a great time eating it. We made more than we cooked. So I let the rest dry a little and popped it into the freezer for another night.

Wowzers! I just looked at the time and realized that I have spent way too much time putting this post together, what with all of the photos and all, and have stayed up past my bedtime. I guess I had better call it a night.

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